What is a 'freelance platform'?

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A freelance platform is an online marketplace that helps organizations, nonprofits, and individuals source talent for various projects and temporary job roles. 

For freelancers, it's an opportunity to gain access to, and bid on, a large number of available jobs that fit their skill set.

How it Works for Clients

Clients start by creating a profile for themselves or their organization, including information about their history, what they do, and anything else potential freelancers might want to know.

Once they sign up, they're able to post various projects and jobs they need assistance with. Clients can include important details about the project, including the time-frame, their budget, and the skills they're looking for. 

They are then able to review proposals from potential freelancers and choose the one that best matches their criteria.

How it Works for Freelancers

Freelancers create their profile, detailing their skills, qualifications, and examples of their past work. 

When their profile is complete, they are able to submit proposals for jobs that fit their skill set. If their bid is accepted, they can complete the task and submit it for payment.

Upon completion, clients leave public feedback for the freelancer which can help them secure further jobs on the platform.

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