What is a freelancer?

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A freelancer is someone who is self-employed and does work for organizations and individuals on a contract basis. Also known as independent contractors, freelancers aren't committed to any one employer. Instead, they work for multiple different entities as needed.

Freelancers may have a number of different skills and specializations, including graphic design, web development, IT, digital marketing, social media, public relations, and more.

Working as a freelancer provides workers with a number of freedoms not afforded to traditional employees. They can set their own schedule, choose which projects they want to work on, and work remotely from any location they like.

Hiring freelancers can also be beneficial for employers. On-boarding and training new full-time employees can be a very expensive process. By hiring part-time workers to help them with specific projects, organizations can leverage highly-skilled individuals at a fraction of the cost.

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